What is my Base Pace?

With the latest updates to VSC, we've made it easier for you to set your 100 Freestyle Base Pace -- a metric we use to calculate your workout intervals. This base pace allows each VSC swimmer to easily customize any workout to their speed. For example, if your fastest 100 meter freestyle is 1:00, you can most likely do a set of repeat 100s free at 1:40 -- this would be your base pace.

After setting your base pace to 1:40, a workout that has a set of 4 x 100 Free will have intervals of 1:40 for each 100 free. If the set is for 4 x 200 Free, the interval will be 3:20; a 400 free would be on 6:40, etc. Changing your base pace will immediately change your workout intervals to reflect the new pace. You'll also notice that we make adjustments for different strokes, drill, and kick -- all based on your base pace.

Why are my intervals sometimes different than my base pace?

Good eye! This is on purpose and is based on a setting for that part of the workout. When building workouts, we allow you to make adjustments to the base pace for each set. We understand that sometimes you'll want the intervals to be faster (a challenging main set), or slower (a nice and easy warm up), so we've made it easy for you to make adjustments to a base pace for specific parts of a workout.

In the example from above, say the 4 x 100 free has a base pace adjustment of -5, your intervals will now be 1:35 instead of 1:40 for this set only. Another swimmer who has a base pace of 2:00 will see the interval 1:55. We are always working to improve interval calculations and welcome any questions or feedback! Please contact support with any comments or questions.\r\n

Suggested Base Pace:

Use the chart below to determine the right pace for your swimming ability:

*Choose a time based on the type of pool you'll be swimming in (SCY, SCM, LCM):


Current Fastest 100 Free Time Suggested Base Interval
00:45 01:10
00:50 01:20
00:55 01:30
01:00 01:40
01:10 01:50
01:20 02:00
01:30 02:20
01:45 02:40
02:00 03:00