How to create USRPT swim workouts with VSC

The inclusion of USRPT swim sets in the average swimmer’s training program has become increasingly popular since Dr. Rushall’s extensive papers on the topic were published in 2011. Even outside of the pool, high intensity interval training (HIIT) seems to be used everywhere from Crossfit and weight training to running and more. Dr. Rushall’s papers take a strong stance when… Read more »

Beetroot juice is good for competitive swimmers

Drink Beetroot juice! Below is a great read on the benefits on “juicing” and how it has helped athletes in the Olympics. Competitive swimmers can definitely benefit from drinking this natural juice. Original article found here: thanks to Danny McCarthy (National Team high performance coach)  A recent New York Times article (Looking for Fitness in… Read more »

Breaststroke Technique Basics And A Few Simple Breaststroke Drills

Breaststroke is one of the least intimidating strokes to learn. Often, many beginning swimmers reflexively say Breaststroke is there favorite stroke for the simple reason it is possible to get from one end of the pool to the other without exerting very much energy.Unfortunately, swimming breaststroke with speed is a quite a bit more challenging – and complicated. Like… Read more »

Is Bilateral Breathing Really That Important?

I remember back when I first started swimming, my coaches would always insist that I breathe bilaterally (alternate breathing to both sides when swimming freestyle). I would concentrate on it for a few practices, but I would almost always end up going back to breathing only to my right side. After a while I would get… Read more »

The Competitive Joy of Open Water Swimming

This past weekend I entered my first swimming competition in more than a year. Rather than swim in a pool, however, I swam the first leg of a half-ironman triathlon.Like many people who swam all through high school and college, I am not always fired up about going to the pool every day to swim laps. I still… Read more »

The Swim Workout Archives: “Torture With No Apparent End”

Today we dig deep into the swim workout archives, in search of those sets that you will just never forget. You hate them with a passion, but like all swimmers you have a sickness. You keep coming back for more and more painful torture because deep down, you really just love it. Here’s Tony Tenhaagen’s account of one of our… Read more »

Improve Your Swimming Breathing Technique With Proper Breath Control

Obviously, there are many differences between swimming and other athletic endeavors. Apart from the fact swimming takes place in the water as opposed to on land like many other sports, one of the most significant differences is that swimmers are required to exert energy while holding their breath.  Unlike any land-based sport – a swimmer’s speed… Read more »

Tips For Building Your Endurance With Good Swimming Technique

One of the first things I noticed when I got back in the pool after my 7 year hiatus is that most aspects of my swimming technique were still intact, but my endurance was just pitiful. I felt great for the first 200-300 yards, but then I just couldn’t move my arms. They were like bricks, fighting… Read more »

How Much Is Too Much For High School Swimmers?

Last week I had someone ask me an interesting question on Twitter… “What’s your take on max yardage for high school swimmers” I started to write my response, but quickly realized that this is a much more complex question than I had first realized. There was absolutely no way I was providing a worthy response in 140 characters or… Read more »

Create a Structured Swim Workout

The first thing you need know to when creating your workouts is establishing how much time you have for each one. Its probably safe to say the average swimmer tends to swim between 45min and 75min in each workout. Anything less than 30min probably won’t be very effective, and with workouts over 90min, you need to have a… Read more »