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Timed Interval Swim Training

Timed interval training is one of the most valuable tools a swim coach can use to really challenge his or her swimmers in the water. Unfortunately, most of the swimming workouts you'll find online today use generic rest intervals because it is challenging to personalize a workout to accommodate everyone's swimming ability. We are trying to change that.

We'll need to explain a few things first so let's take a look at two similar examples, one with rest intervals and the other with timed intervals:

Rest Interval Swim Workouts

Say for instance you are swimming a set that goes like this:

10 x 100 Freestyle on :30 seconds rest.

This essentially means to swim 100 meters Freestyle, 10 times with 30 seconds between each one. A simple swim set that will certainly get you up and down the pool.

The problem with this approach is that no matter how fast or slow you swim each 100 Freestyle, you always get a full 30 seconds rest at the end. If you are really trying to improve your swim times and become a faster swimmer, we can give you a better way to train.

Timed Interval Swim Workouts

Let's use the same set from above, but this time we'll use a timed interval:

10 x 100 Freestyle on 1:50

With this format, you swim 100 meters Freestyle every 1:50. You now have a time limit on each swim, which will in turn force you to swim faster. Say you can swim 100m Freestyle comfortably at 1:30 pace, you will get 20 seconds rest each time. Not bad, but the challenge comes in repeating this 10 times without falling off your pace. As soon as you slow down, you get less rest and the set becomes much more challenging.

How we personalize your swim workouts

In order to give you any sort of timed interval, we first need to know a little about your swimming ability. When you register, you'll be asked to pick a skill level based on your swimming experience and how far you can swim. Based on the level you pick, we'll assign you a basic set of base intervals which we'll then use to calculate the timed intervals in your swimming workouts.

In future updates, we plan to give you an opportunity to enter your latest meet times for any event in yards or meters. We'll then use those times to calculate your base intervals for each stroke. As you enter new meet times in, we average all of your times together to further increase the accuracy of your timed intervals.

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